Stand With Us:

“I believe in the right to a safe, healthy and just world for everyone. I stand with vulnerable groups, including women, immigrants, the poor, and the LGBTQ community. I support worker's rights, corporate accountability, and an open and transparent democracy.”
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    What We Stand For

    At the Story of Stuff Project, we work every day to build a more just and sustainable world for everyone. We’re powered by an online Community of over 1 million changemakers from all over the world with diverse economic, cultural, political and faith backgrounds. We believe strongly that an attack on any member of our Community is an attack on all of us.

    In the current take-make-waste economic system, certain groups of people— including the poor, workers, migrants and many others—are disadvantaged. We not only share their stories of resistance and perseverance, we strive to provide them with visible, active solidarity.

    As a Community, we stand for the fair and just treatment of workers and for holding corporations accountable for how they treat their employees and the communities in which they operate. We stand for the right to a long and healthy life, on a planet with clean air, water and soil. We stand against the privatization of our shared resources such as water, parks, and public infrastructure. We stand for inclusivity and for healthy, diverse communities. We stand for an open and transparent democracy, free from the influence of money or other forms of corruption. We stand for the right of all people to choose their leaders freely. And we stand for freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, the ability to stand up, speak out, and flex our Citizen Muscles.

    Together with this Community and our partners around the world, we will fight whenever these values are under threat. We will speak out against policies, laws, language or other actions that direct attacks at people based on their gender, ethnicity, nationality, faith or who they love. And, we’ll continue to defend our planet, its precious natural resources, and all of its people as we build the more sustainable, just and healthy world all people deserve.

    We stand for our shared future. Let us know: where do YOU stand?