Will you pledge to be a Changemaker in 2018?

For 2018, I pledge to join the global movement of Changemakers and challenge how New Year's resolutions work. I will go beyond individual action and challenge others to create better solutions for the people and the planet.
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    New Year’s Resolution for a Better Future


    It’s time to write a different story around New Year’s resolutions by pledging to flex our Citizen Muscles and build a better future for all. Let’s welcome 2018 by committing to do good not only individually, but for the world at large.

    Instead of:

    • I will go plastic-free.
    • I will refuse straws.
    • I will eat healthier.
    • I will participate in beach cleanups.
    • I will lower my carbon footprint.

    Let's do this:

    • I will go plastic-free and challenge my family to participate in Plastic Free July.
    • I will refuse straws and start a conversation with my local restaurants to ditch single-use plastics.
    • I will eat healthier and invite my neighbors to support the local farmer’s market.
    • I will participate in beach cleanups and contact the companies responsible for the products polluting my beach.
    • I will lower my carbon footprint and propose a public transportation incentive at my workplace.

    We can change the script and rethink how New Year’s resolutions work. Join us as we take actions that help create a healthier and happier future for all.

    The world needs Changemakers now more than ever – how will YOU create a better future in 2018?