There’s a big fight brewing over water worldwide. From drought-stricken California, to Canada, to Germany and beyond, Nestle is counting on a public that doesn't realize its role in littering our environment and privatizing our resources. 

In drought-stricken California, Nestlé has paid a nominal $524 annually to the San Bernardino Forest Service to operate its pipeline, nowhere near what the water it removes is worth. Nestlé then turns around and sells that water back to Californians and others in plastic bottles, making millions in the process.

And while California residents and businesses have significantly reduced their water use to combat the drought, Nestlé has refused to do its part. In fact, when asked if Nestlé Waters would consider stopping its bottling operations in California, CEO Tim Brown told KPCC public radio, “Absolutely not…In fact, if I could increase it, I would.”

Nestlé is feeling the pressure from the hundreds of thousands of people around the world who’ve spoken out through petitions and other actions. Now it’s time to up the stakes, and send a message to Nestlé’s corporate headquarters. 

Now is the time to act. With the drought in California stirring up global media attention, people’s concern about the future of our public water is at an all time high. If we can spread the real story of Nestle far and wide, we can force government and businesses to take action.

Nestle has well-paid lawyers and a powerful PR machine, but The Story of Stuff Project has smart people, communication savvy, and the benefit of truth on our side.

Please contribute today - together we can protect our water, and our public lands, for generations to come.


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