These days, more and more of our Stuff is being made from one very problematic material: plastic.

All that plastic is ending up in places it’s not supposed to: on our beaches, in our food, even in our drinking water. But even before reaching landfills or the environment, plastic causes serious problems for people and the planet. From the extraction of fossil fuels used to produce it to pollution-causing plastic production plants in low-income communities, our plastic habit has serious consequences every step of the way.

For too long, this story has been hidden from view. That’s why we’re setting out to fundamentally transform the conversation around plastic with our first feature-length film: The Story of Plastic.

Your support will help us bring this story to life. 

The Story of Plastic will take us around the world to speak with changemakers on the front lines of this growing crisis. We'll see firsthand the consequences of our throw-away culture, and spotlight bold solutions that are turning the tide.

This is our biggest, most ambitious project yet – and we need your help to get it done. Help us tell The Story of Plastic by donating today. As with everything we do, your support makes this work possible.

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