National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis:

“Make national parks bottled water free!”
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    Make Our National Parks Bottled Water Free!

    By selling and promoting bottled water in our national parks, the bottled water industry is attempting to paint its eco-unfriendly product green. Coca-Cola and other bottled water corporations are using our parks as a billboard and concession stand for a product that is anything but environmentally friendly.

    • By going bottled water free, Zion National Park reduced its annual waste by 5,000 pounds.
    • 30% of the Grand Canyon National Park’s recycling waste came from disposable bottles before going bottled water free.
    • 20 billion barrels of oil go into making all the water bottles Americans throw out annually creating 25 million tons of greenhouse gases.

    How can you help?

    Join us and our friends at Corporate Accountability International in calling on the National Park Service director Jon Jarvis to make national parks bottled water free. Add your name and information to our petition and we’ll deliver your signature!

    More information: 10 Reasons National Parks Should Buck the Bottle, Corporate Accountability InternationalThe Story of Bottled Water, Story of Stuff Project