Dear Bob Miller, CEO,

When I shop, I expect the products on the shelves to be safe. But new research shows that Albertsons' stores sell products containing toxic chemicals. Researchers even found harmful chemicals in store brand products, such as sensitive skin body wash and kids’ bubble bath. Chemicals that can harm our families shouldn’t be lurking on store shelves!

In the first-ever report card grading the largest retailers on toxic chemicals, Albertsons earned a grade of F with just 12.5 out of 130 possible points. But while other big retailers are making meaningful progress in tackling toxic chemicals in products, Albertsons has no public safer chemicals policy in place and has given no public indication that it intends to develop one.

I hope you will follow the lead of other national retailers who are making meaningful progress in tackling toxic chemicals in products. Please develop a comprehensive safer chemicals policy that includes public quantifiable goals with clear timelines for reducing and eliminating chemicals of high concern.
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    The products on the shelves of your local grocery store may be loaded with toxic chemicals: fragrances, formaldehyde, and parabens found in many cleaning and personal care products are linked to cancer, learning and developmental disabilities, reproductive harm, and skin allergies. These toxic products have no place in our homes.

    But without a degree in chemistry, it’s hard to know what’s safe for you and your family. That’s why retailers need to take the lead, and stop selling harmful products altogether. But while some retailers have stepped up to the plate, others are lagging behind.

    Albertsons is one of the nation’s largest grocery chains, with brands like Safeway, Shaw’s, and Pavillion. In 2013, the Safer Chemicals, Safer Familiar coalition gave Albertsons a failing grade for their handling of toxic products. In fact, Albertsons received just 12.5 out of a potential 130 points!

    Four years later, Albertsons has yet to take meaningful action. They have no safer chemical policy in place, and have given no indication that they intend to develop one. That means that toxic products are being sold at over 2,200 Albertsons brand stores around the country, with no plan for action or accountability.

    This week, communities like ours are coming together to tell Albertsons to get tough on toxics. Will you turn up the heat on Albertsons by adding your name?

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