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Johnson & Johnson and other companies:

“Remove microplastics from your products immediately. If you do replace them, use natural ingredients, not other forms of plastic.”
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    Our oceans are choking with plastic, reducing vast parts of the seas to toxic gyres of waste. Companies like Johnson & Johnson -- owners of Neutrogena -- are contributing directly to the problem with “microbeads,” tiny bits of plastic in beauty products that every day wash down the drain and out into the oceans by the billions. Neutrogena’s “Deep Clean” facial cleanser contains up to 350,000 microbeads in each tube alone.

    Microbeads chemically attract and absorb toxins in the sewage they pass through. Then they work their way up the food chain. Many of these microplastics are so tiny that they show up in the bloodstreams of the animals that eat them.

    Tell Johnson & Johnson to remove microbeads from its products now!

    Other companies like Unilever, Boots, and King of Shaves have seen the writing on the wall and will all end production of products with microbeads next year. But Johnson & Johnson is stalling until 2017. Publically, it agrees that there is a problem, but the company supports the Personal Care Products Council, an industry lobbying group looking to kill or water down microbead bans in the California and US legislatures.

    That's why we're working with partners at 5 Gyres, the group that first raised awareness of microbeads. Currently, companies like J&J are caught up in the Story of Stuff -- they are focused on pumping out more products, and feel like they can ignore the impact they are having on the environment. That is why we have to band together to make this an issue right now. If companies like Johnson & Johnson hear from thousands of their customers from around the world, they will realize that cleaning up their ocean-trashing brands should be a top priority. Rewrite the Story by telling J&J to ditch plastic microbeads today.


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