Join The Movement & Stop Plastic Pollution!

Plastics are choking marine life, our waterways and our bodies.

We now produce 260 million tons of plastic annually. In fact, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. We’ve also seen pictures of marine life suffocating from plastic—100,000 marine mammals and one million seabirds are killed from plastic in the ocean every year.

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The only way to stop global plastic pollution is at the source. We demand that companies take back the waste they make. We push for strong regulation of fossil-fueled plastics production. We won’t rest until plastics are a closed loop, with zero new plastic waste entering our rivers, lakes and oceans.

We are a powerful movement -- but we cannot win without the support of changemakers like you. So what do you say? Will you join us in pushing for the very best Solutions?

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