New Year Poll: Goals for 2015

Thanks for taking a few minutes to help set the course for The Story of Stuff Project's future! Participation from our community of changemakers will help us determine where we can best use our resources in the year ahead. The poll takes a few minutes, so feel free to skip questions if you don’t have time, but every answer makes a difference!

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    Less Stuff: Decreasing Consumption, Increasing Reuse, Promoting Thrift
    Waste: Promoting Zero Waste, Fighting E-Waste and Incineration, Scaling up Compost Systems, Closing the Loop
    Toxics: Eliminating Toxic Chemicals from Our Products and Our Environment; Green Chemisty
    Natural World: Biodiversity and Conservation
    Water: Protecting Clean Water as a Public Resource
    Corruption: Fighting Corporate Corruption and the Influence of Corporate Money in Politics
    Workers: Improving Human Rights of Workers, Improving Factory and Agricultural Conditions
    Climate: Reducing Our Countries’ Carbon Footprint and Growing Clean Energy
    Community: Promoting Community-Driven Solutions
    Help communities create local solutions to environmental and social problems. Build up our Changemaker training program and provide a range of support and resources to local community leaders and groups.
    Increase our community’s size and strength. Grow the size of The Story of Stuff Community through viral campaigns and new technology, increasing our ability to impact corporate and government policies on a global scale.
    Share stories of creative solutions with people worldwide. Use short videos, our website and social media campaigns to show how people worldwide are finding real solutions to our world's problems, and to encourage others to join in.