Fund Water Protectors on the Frontlines of the Fight to Reclaim Nestlé's Troubled Waters!

Nestlé is in the midst of one the greatest private transfers of “water wealth” in living memory as they sell the bulk of their bottled water portfolio to One Rock Capital and Metropoulos, two private equity firms. 

The proposed $4 billion transfer of public water to two corporate mercenaries is a betrayal of communities across North America.

We stand in solidarity with six community groups that have been on the frontlines of the resistance against Nestlé for years. After hard-fought victories, they’re asking for support to ratchet up the pressure as all eyes turn towards the transfer of regional water permits. 

Your contribution will go directly to grassroots groups protecting their local water sources against Nestlé’s extraction. The Story of Stuff Project will match your funding.

Can you chip in to rush funds to our grassroots allies fighting to stop the transfer of their local water sources to these corporate mercenaries? All funds raised will go to our six frontline partner groups in the US and Canada through the Story of Stuff Project’s Grassroots Grants Program. 

Thanks for your support!


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