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In our next movie, we’ll explore the breakdown in democracy and public trust that allows Nestlé to bottle Michigan's water 128 miles away from a city where toxic, lead-tainted water still flows from the tap. These are two sides of the same privatization coin...and it's creating a world where the human right to water is threatened by the quest for profit.

While this story takes us to the midwestern United States, this is happening around the world. Communities from Tlahuapan, Mexico1 to Bhati Dilwan, Pakistan2 struggle for safe drinking water as Nestlé exploits their scarce water sources for profit.

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Today, thousands of residents in Flint are still forced to rely on bottled water and filters while the city's 20,0003 damaged pipes wait for repair. This community has been living in a dystopian reality for three years in which the only water for drinking, cooking, and bathing flows from a plastic bottle.

128 miles away from Flint, Nestlé is pumping water for those bottles out of aquifers in Michigan and Ontario, water that should feed the Great Lakes and support a healthy ecosystem. Instead, the Swiss corporation sells it to us for a tremendous profit. And they've even scored positive PR by donating this water back to the people of Flint.4

We’re going to make a movie that will be the first to connect the dots between the bottled water residents of Flint are forced to rely for bathing, cooking and drinking and Nestle’s water removal less than a two hour drive away. Will you help us make this movie?





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