This year's wildfires in California have been devastating, as high winds, warm temperatures, and low rainfall create the perfect firestorm weather. Even as fires like these and the droughts that cause them become more common, Nestlé continues to bottle California's water.

Last year, Nestlé pumped 32 million gallons from a small creek in the San Bernardino National Forest to fill its Arrowhead water bottles.

We need your help to keep the pressure on Nestlé, because our right to protect our public land and water is more important now than ever. 

We're working on three major developments that could have a big impact on Nestlé's operations over the coming weeks and months.

    1. The California State Water Resources Control Board will release the results of its investigation into Nestlé's legal right to bottle this water from public land, a study that would not have happened without the phone calls and dedication of local water defender Amanda Frye.
    2. The Forest Service will announce whether it intends to renew Nestlé's operating permit, the result of our 2015 lawsuit against the Forest Service for allowing Nestlé's permit to expire without renewal nearly 30 years ago. 
    3. In October we helped break a big news story uncovering Nestlé's closed door meetings with top officials at the Food and Drug Administration. We've since contacted the agency to challenge its questionable "spring water" labeling decision, only to learn that the agency is fully committed to backing Nestlé up. We're preparing our legal strategy for this fight. 

Please make a donation to support this campaign. Help us keep fighting for a future free from water privatization, for healthy public lands for new generations, and for government agencies free of corporate control. 


California Burns as Nestlé Bottles

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