By contributing today you can help us fight back against Nestlé's public water grab AND make environmental history.

The Story of Stuff Project is uniquely positioned to lead the way to change on this issue. Our work against Nestlé has already been covered in international publications like The Guardian and Time Magazine. With your help, our case regarding Nestlé's illegal operation in the San Bernardino National Forest of California will pave the way for changemakers around the world to stop Nestlé, and other bottling companies, from taking water on public lands.

We've hired an expert public lands attorney and we know we can win. But first, we need YOUR help to make it happen! Nestlé is taking millions of gallons of water for bottling from the drought-impacted San Bernardino National Forest in California in exchange for a ridiculously small $524 annual fee. Not only that, but Nestlé's permit expired over 25 years ago! With your support and the law on our side, we'll put an end to this egregious abuse of public resources for corporate profit.

From drought-stricken California, to Canada, to Germany and beyond, the Nestlé corporation is one of the key players in a worldwide effort to privatize our water resources... and then sell it back to us in plastic bottles.

Unlike Nestlé, our advocacy work is funded entirely by public citizens like you. Your contribution will help us grow the movement to hold Nestlé accountable, and to defend the public right to water – in court and in the court of public opinion. Thank you for taking action today!


Nestlé is taking the public's water; help us take this case to court!

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