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Nestlé pumps up to 162 million gallons of water from the San Bernardino National Forest every year.1 It pumps water regardless of drought conditions or impacts to endangered species to produce Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water. Nestlé claims that it meets all federal standards for spring water regulations. But thanks to recently released documents2 from our Freedom of Information Act requests, we hold growing evidence that there's more to this story than Nestlé would like us to believe.

It's time we stop taking Nestlé at its word. The Story of Stuff Project and Courage Campaign recently engaged a legal team to investigate the validity of Nestlé’s claims. Now, we're making sure that our public agencies and the news media receive the results of this investigation.

Despite all Nestlé's claims, the company hasn’t publicly produced documentation that unequivocally and transparently demonstrates that all of its sources of water meet federal regulations. Instead, Nestlé uses its political clout to meet with government officials behind closed doors and withholds studies documenting what it's doing on our public land.

From California, to Canada, to Germany and beyond, the Nestlé corporation is one of the key players in a worldwide effort to privatize our water resources... and then sell it back to us in plastic bottles.

Unlike Nestlé, our work is funded entirely by public citizens like you. 

Your contribution will help us grow the movement to hold Nestlé accountable for its words and actions while we fight to defend the public right to water. Thank you for taking action today!

1. Public record obtained from San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District.
2. Environmental groups win documents related to Nestlé operations in California forest



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