Ten years after The Story of Stuff first took the internet by storm, we’re still telling critically important stories that highlight bold solutions to pressing problems.

Over the coming year, your support of the Storytellers Fund will make three groundbreaking new media projects possible:

In December 2017, we’ll release A Tale of Two Cities, the third and most ambitious short documentary in our series on fights to protect public water. Profiling two very different Michigan communities—gritty, urban Flint and the quintessentially small town Evart—we’ll find out what happens when you run a public water system like a business.

Then in early 2018 we’ll release the first episode of Growing Solutions, a new web series for YouTube that profiles a richly diverse group of changemakers from around the world who challenge the narrative that the problems we face are just too big to solve.

And in the spring of 2018, we’ll launch The People Vs. Big Plastic, a hybrid, animated and live action documentary series that reveals the petrochemical industry’s plan to plasticize the world and profiles the changemakers determined to stop them.

We’re ready to go, but we need your support! Join our production team by making a generous contribution to the Storytellers Fund today.


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