Plastic use, waste and pollution are growing environmental problems globally, with scientists estimating as many as 50 trillion particles of plastic in our oceans already. But plastic isn’t just in the ecosystem, it's become an increasingly dominant feature of the ecosystem and, by 2050, will outweigh all oceanic fish by a factor of three to one. 
But that's not the way things have to be! Your support enables The Story of Stuff Project to continue our innovative and groundbreaking work to stop plastic pollution. 
In 2017, we'll be producing The Story of Plastic to dramatically expand the public’s understanding of our plastic addiction and spotlight the heroes driving efforts to reduce plastic consumption and waste around the world. 
We'll also draw on the momentum of our Community's successful effort to ban plastic microbeads by pushing the world's largest clothing companies to take responsibility for, and solve, microfiber pollution. 
And we'll work with our partners in the #BreakFreeFromPlastic movement to drive support to innovative plastic waste reduction efforts in Europe, North America and Asia. 
Join us!

Support A Plastic Pollution-Free Future

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