We have a plan in place to turn up the heat on Nestlé, but we need your help. 

After 30 years of inaction, and under enormous pressure from activists like you, the Forest Service has put modest new restrictions on the world’s largest water bottler. But the fight to return the public’s water to the forest and local communities isn’t over yet.

Here's what your contribution will accomplish:

  • We’re reviewing our legal options for challenging Nestlé's new Forest Service permit, which was issued without the extensive environmental studies such a damaging project requires.
  • We’re doubling our efforts to get the State of California, including the State Water Resources Control Board and Governor Brown, to act in the interest of the public and the environment.
  • We’re bringing the fight directly to Nestlé, pushing the company to live up to its professed concern for the environment by abandoning this project and putting people and the planet over profits.

Your contribution will support our campaign to end Nestlé's water exploitation in the San Bernardino National Forest. Please make a donation to fight for a future where our water is free from corporate control.


Help Us Turn Up the Heat On Nestlé

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    The Story of Stuff Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with EIN #46-4334785. This donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law in the United States.