When Nestlé subsidiary Poland Spring began to take over the tiny town of Fryeburg, Maine, USA, residents noticed that their water was vanishing. Lake levels were lowering. Streams were getting smaller. Nestlé was pumping their town dry.

Citizens of Fryeburg feel like they're being colonized by the multinational corporation. Tanker trucks began to rumble through the rural town every fifteen minutes, breaking down local roads and destroying their way of life.  

Nestlé has waged an aggressive divide-and-conquer strategy. It sued the town and nearly bankrupting some residents. Meanwhile, it set up an office downtown as the HQ of its charm offensive, and the local school promotes a bottled water vending machine. Nestlé is boldly planting a story -- telling the children of Fryeburg to get used to drinking their own spring water through Nestlé’s plastic bottles.  

But we have a plan. We’ve been speaking with local activists -- the Friends of the Fryeburg Water District -- and they say that it’s vital we give local residents a sense of pride and ownership of their water resources. That’s why we’re raising money to buy public drinking fountains, specifically designed to fill up water bottles. We will also supply locals with their own Fryeburg-branded water bottles, to take pride and ownership of their water and send a clear message to Nestlé: We don’t want your bottled water.


Your money will go to help out the people of Fryeburg in their fight against Nestlé by purchasing drinking fountains and water bottles for the town. Extra money will go towards other issues in Fryeburg and other campaigns against Nestlé.


Support local residents in their fight against Nestlé

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