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    Demand oversight of Nestlé's water selloff

    Nestlé Waters’ $4 billion sale of its bottled water portfolio – including brands like Poland Springs, Arrowhead, Zephyrhills, Pure Life and Ice Mountain – to two private equity firms spells trouble for communities and ecosystems already feeling the strain of that company’s water extractions and plastic waste. And if you thought Nestlé was a bad actor, wait until these private equity profiteers get hold of all that water!

    As usual, Nestlé’s deal with One Rock Capital Partners and Metropoulos & Co. has been confined to the business pages and kept out of public view – despite representing one of the largest transfers of water wealth in recent memory.

    That's why we're asking the members of the U.S. House of Representatives Oversight Committee to drag this water grab into the light of day. 

    Our ask is simple: Nestlé cannot be allowed to walk away from the consequences it has imposed on communities and the environment around the country and the world. And these two private equity firms can’t be allowed to buy up our country’s water without a fight. 

    Will you join us in writing to the House Oversight Committee today?