Protect the Right to Repair in Missouri

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    Things break. Wear and tear is normal, but throwing away otherwise functional devices shouldn't be. Rather than sending broken items to the landfill or paying companies an arm and a leg to fix them, we think you have the right to repair broken devices yourself.

    For years, our friends at iFixit have been providing repair manuals, parts, and tools that make it possible to fix your broken things on your own terms. But product manufacturers are doing their best to make repair difficult so that we’re forced to buy new products.

    That’s why we’re joining iFixit to push for Right To Repair legislation in Missouri.

    We’re asking you to encourage your state representative to pass HB 1079 and HB 1147, which require manufacturers to provide the following:

    • Information: The documentation, software, and legal ability we need to repair our own products—or choose someone we trust to do it for us.
    • Parts and Tools: Fair access to service parts and tools, including diagnostics.

    This common sense legislation is good for people and good for the planet. It reduces waste and protects consumers from big manufacturers’ greed. It only takes a minute to write your representative to encourage them to support the Right to Repair in Missouri. Simply fill in your information and add your thoughts to the template letter on the right.