Secretary Haaland: Ban The Sale of Single-Use Plastics In Our National Parks!

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    Our National Parks are being invaded by plastic packaging. As companies seek to normalize the sale of ever-greater volumes of single-use, our national parks and the ecosystems they support are under threat. 

    A growing proportion of the 70 million pounds of waste the National Park Service manages annually, is made up of single-use plastic. One study shows that almost half of the weight of the waste from Yellowstone National Parks is derived from plastic water bottles alone.

    While we know there are alternatives to so much of the single-use plastic in circulation, the Park Service struggles to meet the growing cost of waste management. That’s why we’re calling for the removal of single-use plastic beverage bottles, bags, and foodware, and polystyrene products at our national parks.

    Secretary Deb Haaland is a bonafide environmental leader, and as the first Native American heading up the Department of the Interior, knows all too well the importance of stewarding our land. Let's honor Native Americans who stewarded these lands for thousands of years by banning single-use plastics from the parks.

    Take action: Urge Secretary Haaland to eliminate unnecessary plastic from our national parks!