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    Let's pass the Plastic Pollution Reduction Act!

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    The California Circular Economy and Plastic Pollution Reduction Act is the most ambitious legislation introduced in the US to slash plastic pollution. It phases out nonrecyclable single-use plastics, reduces demand for 'virgin' plastic, creates green jobs... and provides a model for other states to follow!

    Passing this bill would be a huge win for the movement by creating a blueprint to move beyond today’s disposable norms... but we're not there yet! This bill faces two major rounds of voting. We already passed the first round – now we need to make sure that those "YES" voters hold the line under pressure from the plastics industry!

    That's why we're launching a massive push to make sure that legislators who voted YES the first time, vote YES again. Plastic pollution doesn’t respect borders, so whether you live in California or Cameroon, add your name to show you stand in solidarity with this bill.