Chief Christiansen: Turn off the Spigot!

Dear Chief Christiansen, 

Nestlé/BlueTriton has no right to tens of millions of gallons of water it has been pumping and bottling annually from the San Bernardino National Forest. 

Know that by denying any further permit application to BlueTriton and ordering that Nestlé remove its pipeline, we stand with you in your decision. 


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    For decades, Nestlé Waters North America has removed tens of millions of gallons of water annually from the San Bernardino National Forest to put into throwaway plastic bottles.

    After years of campaigning, the California Water Board has found that Nestlé (now called BlueTriton) has no right to the vast majority of that water and has been ordered to cease and desist from all unauthorized pumping.

    As Nestlé / BlueTriton mobilizes its army of lawyers to appeal the decision, the US Forest Service will have the final say. We need to show them that the eyes of the world are watching their decision.

    As California enters another deadly year of drought, it’s critical that the Head of the US Forest Service, Chief Christiansen makes the right decision by denying any further permits and ordering the removal of existing water bottling infrastructure from the forest.

    Add your name to the petition calling on the US Forest Service to kick Nestlé/BlueTriton out of the San Bernadino National Forest once and for all.


    Full petition letter to Chief of the US Forest Service:

    Dear Chief Christiansen,

    I am proud to join with others around the country and the world to urge you to deny Nestlé Waters’ successor BlueTriton Brands’ application for a Forest Service special use permit that would enable it to continue to remove water from the San Bernardino National Forest. 

    As you know, for several decades Nestlé Waters North America and its predecessor companies have removed tens of millions of gallons of water annually from the San Bernardino National Forest for bottling. Now, following a multi-year investigation spurred by citizen complaints, the staff of the California State Water Resources Control Board (“Water Board”) have found that Nestlé does not hold a valid right to the vast majority of the water it has been removing from these public lands and ordered the company to immediately “cease all unauthorized diversions of water within the State Water Board’s permitting authority.” 

    I believe it is now your obligation to end Nestlé / Blue Triton’s occupation of these public lands once and for all. In addition to denying any new permit application by BlueTriton, I ask you to order Nestlé to both remove its pipeline and other infrastructure on these public lands and to pay for the restoration of the Strawberry Canyon ecosystem. This commitment to removal and restoration is particularly critical now, with California likely entering a period of extended and profound drought, which will only intensify the wildfire dangers and other threats to this fragile ecosystem. 

    In short, the time for you to act is now. 

    The Forest Service is charged with sustainably managing the public’s resources, a duty I know you hold dear. Along with many others, I’m committed to encouraging, supporting, and ultimately celebrating your decision to turn off the spigot on Nestlé / Blue Triton. 

    Please know that I, and many other members of the public, have your back.