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"This year, I choose to break the consumer cycle and join millions of people around the world celebrating Buy Nothing Day. Instead of blindly shopping for more Stuff, I will take action to make a positive change in my community and make informed buying decisions that consider human and environmental costs."
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    Buy Nothing Day is an active protest against Black Friday, the holiday of waste and overconsumption.

    But this year, with prohibitions on gathering with others and small businesses fighting to survive, we’re challenging you to Buy Nothing, with a small asterisk:

    If you must purchase gifts, avoid monopolies like Amazon and other giant retailers and choose to support small and locally owned businesses, particularly those owned by people of color and women.

    By signing up, you are committing to at least 3 of the following pledges:

    • I pledge to make, borrow, or buy used before buying new.
    • I pledge to support small and locally owned businesses over retail monopolies like Amazon.
    • I pledge to watch and share videos that educate people about the effects of overconsumption.
    • I pledge to host a virtual screening of meaningful and educational documentaries.
    • I pledge to donate to a nonprofit organization or charity.
    • I pledge to give back to my community through remote volunteering opportunities.
    • I pledge to get involved in local and/or national environmental and social justice campaigns.
    • I pledge to educate my friends and family about Buy Nothing Day.

    Take the Buy Nothing pledge today and we’ll send you one email with actionable resources for each of the pledges listed above.