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Support and pass a constitutional amendment to place commonsense limits on corporate, special interest and big donor influence in elections and ensure citizen voices don't get drowned out by big money.
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    Taking money out of politics

    Our democracy is in trouble. Corporate cash swamps our elections and our government, drowning out the voices of ordinary citizens and undermining the fundamental promise of political equality for all. A narrow set of special interests is dictating policies that affect us all.

    We've been told that corporations are people, and that money is their speech, but we're telling a new story. Sixteen states, along with hundreds of local communities, have joined the call for an amendment to regulate this rising tide of dark money in politics.

    A constitutional amendment limiting money in politics is one of our best chances to fight back against the capture of our politicians by corporations and plutocrats. Congress needs to see a massive outpouring of public support, and millions of people have joined the call. Will you add your voice?

    Every year, more and more money is pouring into the political process. In the United States, buying elections and influencing public policy is now a billion-dollar industry. Even at the state and local level, big-money special interests are spending millions of dollars to shape laws that help themselves but harm us -- from the plastic bag industry spending $13 million trying to defeat a California plastic bag bill, to the banks that tanked the economy spending billions undermining regulations that would keep our financial system safe. If corporations and Super PACs "talk" by buying elections, then it's time to shut them up.

    If we want to build a better world, we have to ensure that citizens' voices are heard. Take a moment to add your name to the more than 5 million signatures collected from over 20 organizations, so that the Senate can see how many Americans care about this vital issue.

    At The Story of Stuff Project, we focus on stopping polluters, cutting consumption, and building a healthier society for all of us. Too often, the people who pollute our planet are the exact same people who pollute our politics and crowd out the voices of citizens with the call for consumption. If we all flex our citizen muscles together, we can push back against the big-money giants who want to buy our government.

    For too long, we've been allowing big money to have its way, and increasingly we are the ones paying the price. This growing grassroots movement has made its way to the Senate, but even with three million people, we're still just getting started. Join the millions of others today who are banding together to take back our democracy.

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