Tell Coca-Cola North America:

The global Brand Audit conducted by the #breakfreefromplastic movement in 2018 identified Coca-Cola as the largest brand globally contributing to plastic pollution. Given the scale and consequences of the plastic crisis, you have a responsibility to reduce your plastic footprint. Bottle deposits can significantly reduce your plastic footprint, and have received Coca-Cola's support in Europe. We’re urging you to support the policy in the US and worldwide.
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    Coca-Cola sells over 100 billion plastic bottles each year. It's time for Coke to take responsibility for its contribution to plastic pollution!

    Coke uses 3 million tonnes of plastic in its packaging every year. Where is all that plastic ending up? Our data shows that a huge volume of Coca-Cola brand plastic bottles are ending up in the environment. Luckily, there's a fix that can change this story.

    Coke’s plastic bottles are made of PET, one of the few plastics that are widely recyclable as long as they’re captured. A deposit on bottles can incentivize their return and virtually eliminating littered bottles -- Norway and Germany recycle over 97% with the system. So why is Coca-Cola lobbying against this proven solution in the US?

    Coca-Cola loves to talk about their commitment to helping end plastic pollution. So why don't their actions match their words? Right now, Coca-Cola is blocking solutions to the plastic crisis. Let's bring them to the table and get them on the right side of history.

    Other actions: send Coca-Cola a #messageinabottle