Join The Rally To Reclaim Nestlé's Troubled Waters

Stand with communities across North America demanding that Nestlé return six of its most controversial water sources to their rightful owners: the people.

With featured speaker Representative Rashida Tlaib and musical guests Tune-Yards!

Live on Thursday, March 18 at 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET on The Story of Stuff Project’s Facebook or YouTube channel. RSVP here to receive a reminder email!

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    Subject: Nestlé's Troubled Waters – end the extraction!
    Hey there,

    I wanted to share this petition calling on Nestlé to return control over five of their most controversial water sources back to local communities.

    For decades, Nestlé Waters has bought up access to public water across North America, turning a life-giving public resource into a private commodity and leaving a trail of broken promises, ecological damage, and depleted water supplies in its wake.

    Now, with its recent announcement the company intends to sell its regional bulk water division, Nestlé is looking to turn one last profit at the public’s expense.

    But in the context of a global pandemic, increasing droughts and wildfires across North America, and a worsening plastic crisis, it’s more clear than ever that water should be controlled by the people, not private corporations. That’s why groups are demanding that Nestlé return five of its most controversial water sources back to public control prior to any sale.

    I just added my name to this petition to Nestlé – will you do the same?
    Sign here:

    Thank you!