Tell Coca-Cola North America, PepsiCo and Nestle USA:

As the top three polluters on #breakfreefromplastic's 2018 global brand audit, your plastic bottles were found polluting our environment around the globe. As major beverage brands, we're calling on you to use your responsibilty and considerable influence to reduce plastic pollution by supporting the most effective system known to recover and recycle bottles: container deposits.
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    Beverage industry: Stop Fueling the Plastics Crisis

    Our #breakfreefromplastic brand audit that recorded 187,000 pieces of plastic pollution revealed that bottles are one of the most common types of plastic pollution on earth. These bottles choke our oceans and ecosystems, fuel climate change, and are contributing to a human health crisis.

    But there is a solution -- plastic bottles don’t need to become pollution.

    A growing group of countries and US States are reducing plastic pollution with bottle deposits: a small, refundable deposit to incentivize the return of bottles for recycling. The best systems have virtually eliminated littered bottles!

    But Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and Nestle -- the top three polluters in our brand audit -- are key players in a beverage industry which aggressively lobbies against new container deposit laws. They’re doubling down on plastic pollution!

    The big brands are rolling out greenwashing strategies with their left hand and crushing solutions with their right. Our brand audit has highlighted the enormous responsibility these brands have to reduce their plastic footprint. Enough’s enough, it’s time to expose their double standards.

    Join our campaign calling on Coca-cola, Pepsi and Nestle to support container deposits!