World leaders: Support a strong, legally binding global plastics treaty at UNEA 5.2

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    Global Plastics Treaty Now!

    Urge world leaders to support the Peru-Rwanda resolution, a strong global plastics treaty, at the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA 5.2).

    Millions of people around the world have taken action to stop plastic pollution, and momentum is building! Soon, world leaders will gather to start negotiating a global plastics treaty—and we need to make sure it will be strong.

    When representatives gather in Nairobi in late February for the Fifth Session of the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA 5.2), the decisions they make will set the stage for how a new global plastics treaty will develop going forward. This is a critical moment to tell world leaders to support the Peru-Rwanda resolution. This resolution is the best foundation we have for a global plastics treaty that will cover the whole life cycle of plastics.

    Add your name to tell world leaders to support a legally binding global treaty on plastic pollution that addresses the entire life cycle of plastics, including extraction, production, transport, use, disposal and remediation.

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    As citizens from around the world, we are calling for an urgent global treaty to stop plastic pollution. It is time to end our addiction to unnecessary throwaway plastic, and transition to a safe circular economy that protects people, wildlife and our climate – in a fair and inclusive way. This new legally-binding treaty must end the discharge of plastic pollution into our natural environment, by addressing the full lifecycle of plastics, from production and design, to waste prevention and management.