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Watching a Story of…movie inevitably sparks conversation and moves people to action, whether it’s ditching a bad bottled water habit after watching The Story of Bottled Water or getting involved in local elections after screening The Story of Citizens United vs. FEC or swearing off buying new clothes after seeing The Story of Stuff for the first time.

Psst... This form is just for our animated "Story of..." movies, not The Story of Plastic. You can sign up to get updates about our first feature length-documentary by heading here.

The more of us who see these movies, the better chance we have of transforming our culture of consumption and waste into a culture that prioritizes social and ecological well-being. We know from making these movies that if it’s going to have an impact, it has to be fun. So, let’s party!

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You can screen any of our movies (you'll get the links to the movie files after you sign up): 

    • The Story of Stuff
    • The Story of Cap and Trade
    • The Story of Bottled Water
    • The Story of Electronics
    • The Story of Cosmetics
    • The Story of Citizens United vs. FEC
    • The Story of Broke
    • The Story of Change
    • The Story of Solutions
    • Ban the Bead
    • This Land is Our Land
    • Our Water, Our Future
    • The Story of Microfibers

If you have any questions about setting up your movie screening, email or call the office at 510.883.1055.

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