Tell Nestlé Waters' CEO to stop violating public laws

By joining with thousands of people around the world in e-mailing Nestlé CEO Tim Brown today, you can help hammer home the need for Nestlé to change how it does business. Brown has asked us for more information about how Nestlé Waters can improve its operations. To help us respond to his request, simply e-mail <> with the following message. Then return to this page to let us know you completed the action:

Dear Mr. Brown,

As a constituent of The Story of Stuff Project, I am concerned about Nestlé’s bottling of our public water resources in California and worldwide. 

Nestle can address some of these concerns by taking the following actions:

  1. Stop bottling water from the San Bernardino National Forest and other protected lands
  2. Withdraw from all additional sites where communities are protesting the privatization of their water, including Cascade Locks OR, Kunkletown PA, Fryeburg ME, Mt. Shasta CA, Sacramento CA, Elora ON and Vancouver BC
  3. Pay to cleanup the waste generated by your polluting plastic products. Stop pushing the cost of cleanup onto taxpayers.

I insist that Nestlé adopt these changes as soon as possible. I eagerly await your response.


[Your Name]

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