Let's reveal who's really responsible for plastic pollution

Help bring accountability to Big Plastic polluters by organizing a brand audit in your community! This massive, rolling citizen science project with the #breakfreefromplastic movement spans from San Francisco to Surabaya. It's a great way to participate in the global movement working to end plastic pollution. Ready to take action with us?
What's a brand audit? A brand audit is like a litter cleanup – but in addition to picking up trash from a beach, park, or other public area, participants record data about the products and materials that are ending up in the environment.
Your Brand Audit can be big or small: a solo activity, or a public event with lots of volunteers. Either way, you’ll be taking part in a global movement that transforming the conversation around plastic waste in the environment.
Get Started: Take the first step by signing up below! You'll receive an email with your guide to hosting a brand audit, and a link to register your event with the #breakfreefromplastic movement. 
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